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I have an account. How do I use my money?

The Internal Revenue Code specifies how HSA funds can be used.  Approved expenses include medical, dental and vision products, or services performed by medical professionals to diagnose, treat or prevent diseases for you and your family.

Once you sign up for an HSA, you can read a comprehensive list of approved expenses on your member website. Just click on the Covered Expenses link on the Spending pages of your member website. Or read the list of approved expenses by searching for Publication 502 at www.irs.gov.

Visit IRS website

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How do I view my account online?

It’s easy to keep track of your HSA from your health plan’s member website. Just login in your homepage.

Go to My Homepage

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What if I lose my debit card, or if it’s stolen?

You can call the Member Service number on the back of your health plan ID card, or go directly to your member homepage and log in to your account. From the Spending page on the member website, select the Manage Debit Card button or link. Follow the directions on the next screen to report your card lost or stolen.  Your replacement card will arrive at your home with a new account number, so be sure to update any health provider if they have a card on file for you.

Report Lost or Stolen Debit Card

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What are the different ways I can pay claims?

Your HSA gives you the flexibility to choose how your claims are paid. You can:

  • Have payments sent automatically to care providers (does not apply to prescriptions at a pharmacy).
  • Pay claims out of your own pocket, and then reimburse yourself from your HSA by direct deposit.
  • Use your Visa debit card for eligible expenses at most pharmacies and doctors’ offices that accept Visa.
  • Decide which way you want to pay with each claim. 

Help Me Pay A Claim

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How do I submit a claim?

There are two ways to submit claims on your member website:

  1. Claims that are already processed through your health plan will be listed on the Claims and Payments link on the Claims tab on the member website. This web page will show details on claims paid by the health plan, plus any out-of-pocket amounts you still owe. Just click on the Pay Claim button next to the "Your Cost" amount to have the claim paid out of your HSA.
  2. If you have a claim for an expense that's not covered by your health plan, such as an eye exam, you can manually enter the details and submit the claim yourself. Simply select the Submit New Claim link on the member website Spending page to enter the details and submit it yourself.

Help Me Submit a Claim

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When can I invest my account?

Once your account balance reaches $500, you can begin to invest. Bank of America provides an HSA Investment Guide to help you use their investment website.  You can also research different funds using tools such as Prospectuses, Fact Sheets and Morningstar Reports.

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How do I invest?

You can invest your money in a wide selection of mutual funds—from conservative options such as a U.S. Treasury fund to more aggressive stock options. Your choices depend upon your risk tolerance and how long you plan on letting your money grow over time.

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